Welcome to my website.  Here I share and showcase all of my latest songs and albums, as well as offering guitar lessons.  I have a number of students under my guidance ranging through all ages and ability levels.  I am highly passionate about music, whether it be listening, writing or teaching it.

I currently have 2 albums available:

Conservation and other stories

Courage and other stories

Both are available on: itunes, spotify, amazon music, apple music and youtube music

I have been teaching Acoustic Guitar to children and adults since 1994. I have experience of teaching in a secondary school in Essex, but since moving to Birkenshaw in 2000 I now teach from home.

I am able to teach pupils to read music (notation), strum and pick (arpeggio) chords and tab (read music by numbers).

I compose my own songs, several of which have been played on local BBC Radio stations: Essex, Leeds, Lincolnshire, Medway and Merseyside. A number of songs are now on youtube.

Many pupils enjoy learning pop songs and I have a wide range of material from artists such as The Beatles, Elvis, Green Day, Oasis, Simon and Garfunkel etc.

The range of music covers the 1950’s through to the present day. A range of Children’s songs and carols can also be taught.
For those confident enough to sing along with their playing, I can help with this aspect of music, as I have much experience of performing popular music at various venues.